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When Sancaktepe’s current real estate prices are analyzed, a huge increase hits the solution. In the last two years, the square meter prices of the houses in Sancaktepe have reached amounts from 4,200 TL to 4,600 TL. There are 19 neighborhoods in Sancaktepe. These districts have different prices depending on the center, the transportation points and the closeness of the sheriff’s coast.

Prices In Sancaktepe

In Sancaktepe 1 + 1 apartments starting from 100,000 TL, depending on location and features can reach 450,000 TL figures. Rental income varies from 900 TL to 2.500 TL.

2 + 1 apartments vary between 250,000 TL and 700,000 TL. Usually 2 + 1 houses in Emek and İnönü neighborhoods are preferred. The price increase in new buildings is also a good choice for those who want to own an apartment for investment purposes.

3 + 1 apartments, which are preferred by families with large children, are located in the neighborhoods of Eyup Sultan and Abdurrahmangazi. Prices vary between 1,000,000 TL and 150,000 TL. In the neighborhoods of Veysel Karani and Abdurrahmangazi, there are quite luxurious and well-kept sites, including walking parks. More affordable apartments can be found in Inönü and Eyüp Sultan neighborhoods.

Current Rent Prices In Sancaktepe

Rental prices in Sancaktepe vary according to the properties of the apartments, the year of construction and the locations in which they are located. The price difference in the houses varies depending on the site and its security. Another factor is that the building is new.

In the district 1 + 1 apartments start from 650 TL and reach 1250 TL. 2 + 1 apartments preferred by more newly married couples have rents ranging from 750 TL to 1650 TL. The rent for 3 + 1 apartments in Sancaktepe is between 900 TL – 1800 TL.

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