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The European Union (EU) found it possible to overcome the financial crisis, allowing citizens of non-EU countries to reside in exchange for housing. This development seems to be taking place in Turkey and taking the ones who want to live abroad.

United States of America

The governments of the US government have set up companies with  500,000 dollars in capital or  1 million dollars in capital. In the fifth year of the investment, the right to citizenship is also offerred.


250 thousand euros invested by establishing a business to provide employment for German citizens before the session, then the opportunity to become a citizen.

Dominican Republic

You have to invest 100 thousand dollars for citizenship and 200 thousand dollars to settle in your country with your wife and children.


In Latvia, foreign investors are allowed to travel between EU member countries, the price quota is as follows: to buy at least 143 thousand euro from big cities and at least 71 thousand 500 euros from rural areas.


Real estate in Ireland worth 400 thousand euros, has a residence permit.


The law, which allows foreign investors to stay in Spain, entered into force. Foreigners living in Spain with 160 thousand euros will have the right to residence and visa-free travel.


The way to get citizenship in Canada is through a  400,000 dollar investment and a  800,000 dollar bank account.


There are two opportunities in Macedonia. Foreigners who buy 40 thousand euros of real estate get a residence permit for one year and citizens who invest 400 thousand euros get citizenship.


Unemployed in Portugal, who struggle with at least 500 thousand euros worth of foreigners who are entitled to freedom of movement without a visa. Another special application for Portugal is the granting of an alien residence permit which establishes a business that employs at least 10 people …


Those who earn  1,200 dollars per month in Uruguay are granted a three-year temporary residence permit and citizenship.


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