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 Home    Contractors Waiting for the Istanbul’s New Reconstruction Regulation

These days, many contractors in Istanbul are so interested in that Istanbul’s expected reconstruction regulation. The most curious subject is if allowance for basement floor will be granted again or not. It is claimed that most of the building projects are on standby right now due to this uncertainty. It can be remembered that in 2017 when the Planned Areas Development Regulation published, some restrictions came for basement floors despite the floods. There is an expectation that regulation will change.

The Rearrangements Made by Ministry

Ministry of Environment and Urbanism has been prepared the new regulation and sent it to Istanbul Metropolitan Assembly. Finally, some adjustments were made but only one basement level was granted to the rivers against the floods, only if it is at most 1 meter in distance.That is why the projects that have been waiting for months are going to be renewed.

The Regulation Brings a Brand New Parking Zone Rule

The latest reconstruction regulation brings some new development in car parking zones. If the entrance and exit of the building and its inclination are fit constructors have to build car park area. Contractors could pay some fee to the municipality to skip that option before. Now it is a requirement unless all the conditions are eligible for that.

Pros and Cons

As if this new regulation brings some difficulties to the contractors, the Chairman of the Impo Construction Company and city planner Hüseyin Oflaz, claims that there is also an advantage of that which now customers would not have to buy useless space what they will not use. “The complication is removed. Talking generally, the regulation which prepared for Istanbul City looks beneficial at the point of the parking situation. However, there seem to be some conflicts” he said.

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