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Changing Mindset İn Urban Transformation

Alinur Aktaş, Metropolitan Mayor of Bursa, made important statements about urban transformation in Bursa.

Bursa has been center of attraction with its history, industry, and also natural beauties and has allowed a lot of immigrants. Settlement area of Bursa has increased twentyfold for 77 years and so urban transformation is made inevitable with the development of industry. There are a lot of historical protected areas so it doesn’t enable to make important transformation but Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa has provided as working hard since 2015. Instead of constructing new buildings, they pulled down the old buildings which were not earthquake proof buildings and constructed green spaces, sport complex, parks and new roads.

Urban transformation becomes inevitable

Metropolitan Mayor of Bursa Alinur Aktaş stated that he had a meeting with the mayors of Osmangazi, Yıldırım, İnegöl, Nilüfer and Gemlik to discuss both the ongoing and the next process. They lean towards the transformation of big areas, on the basis of city blocks and regions.

Carried ot activities for transformation

Aktaş expressed that the most difficulty was experienced in County Nilüfer and to stop the urban transformation is out of question. He said that population has been increasing day by day so there is a need to construct new buildings. It’s difficult to increase the crowdedness unless they enlarge the city.

Working for solutions

Aktaş indicated that they are still working on that issue and they are searching solutions without letting anybody to suffer. He also stated that it is impossible to stop the urban transformation.

Going back to seventies

Bursa City Museum lets visitors travel through time as hosting a lot of exhibitions about history of the city, and social and cultural life in the city. İlhan Özer, the curator of the exhibition, reminded that there have been a lot of changes both in Bursa and Turkey and he said that they tried to explain the seventies best.

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