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Buying a house is important to everyone. The state provides various facilities for everyone to receive. In 2015, a new model was tried to be tried. This model is not very successful. That’s why he was looking for a new idea. In the model of hosting in 2015, my savings were standing on my bank account for 3 years. At the end of 3 years, 20% was provided with state contribution. But this application was not successful.

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek was in various statements. He spoke about the system revealed in 2015. Lightning, the old application account of 10 thousand 520 accounts and now accounts for 73 million pounds accumulated in the account açıkladı. These numbers are well below expectations, he said. So it was necessary to move to a new system. He stated that there are many models to switch to the new system. But the German Model stated that it would be implemented as a host.

According to the German idea, interest support will be provided. An offer will be made to those who have money on the housing account. Different alternatives will be presented according to this single life. So you have the option. When people accumulate their money, they will be able to choose different options. According to this; the person will be able to accept the interest of the money in the deposit as low. In such a case the state will apply low interest on that person in mortgage interest. It will be easier to become a homeowner with low interest mortgage. On this way, people will be buy to. This model is expected to mobilize the market.

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