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Yücel Çelikbilek, Mayor of Beykoz, explained that the property and development demands that Beykoz citizens have been expecting for many years have reached to a great extent. He expressed that they gave the majority of the places coming from the Milli Emlak with the 2B law to their rightful owners.

Beykoz district of Istanbul is a place where zoning plans are made with difficulty because it is located in a protected area. Citizens living here have been the greatest property right in the past, but after the outbreak of the 2D law, this demand has left the place to massive zoning permits. About the subject “90 per cent of the property in Beykoz solved.” Yücel Çelikbilek, mayor of Beykoz, made it clear to the subjects that citizens are curious about.

Chairman Çelikbilek emphasized that it is difficult to plan a reconstruction in Beykoz for the permits that the citizens of Beykoz will wait for a long time. “There are two districts in İstanbul, one of which is Beykoz and the other is Sarıyer. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality makes our plans directly in some regions.

In Beykoz, there are some criteria that are imposed when making zoning plans such as ‘Front View Affect’, ‘Back View Impact’, or the law covering 3194 village areas. ”

Chairman Celikbilek said that after the approval of the 2B law, the citizens were given the right to acquire property after the 2B law, he said:

“We examined the demands of our citizens in 2009. In the questionnaires, the first request of the citizen was the property of the second request, the other demands were the unemployment and the education, the law about the government of the Republic of Turkey was enacted and this law was related to the sale of the citizens of the 2D land all over Turkey. However, we saw that some facilities were given to the municipalities in the law, including the declaration of the 2D areas as the project area at the beginning. “

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