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 Home    Attention To Those Who Want To Buy A  Home! There is A 25% Discount

The third campaign mobilization began in the home to contribute to the economy and stimulate residential sales. The campaign will provide up to 25 percent return on consumers.
After the July 15 coup attempt, the real estate sector, which has campaigned twice in a row to contribute to the revolutions of the economy and increase housing sales, has taken the third step of mobilization.

Real Estate Housing REIT, which started yesterday, will include 22 projects in the new campaign campaign titled ‘Pay Now in 2019’. In real estate residential real estate brokerage houses, 22 installments with 5 percent down payment are initiated in January 2019.

It is stated that the campaign will return to consumers by at least 15 percent and at most 25 percent discount depending on the payments, the rate of return, and the conditions to start in 2019.

The basis of the campaign is 20 percent advance, 80 percent bank loan usage. The remaining 15 percent on purchases with a 5 percent down payment can be paid on delivery. The last day of the campaign, which started on September 15th, will be October 31st. It is expected that more banks will participate in the campaign, which is now including 5 banks.

While there were 22 projects in the scope of the campaign, where 15 percent discount would be applied in the case of cash purchases, many companies in the sector started to implement similar campaigns.

‘September moves through’

Real Estate Housing REIT General Manager Murat Institution stated that they aimed to create an important activity in the sector in September and stated that attractive campaigns have been formed in the whole sector as well. The institution that interprets the current period as an ‘opportunity’ for buying housing in the earlier statements, said, “It is a period when everyone is making sacrifices. It was a beautiful process with our campaigns and companies. ”

It was noted that the projects included in the campaign that shifted the installments to 2019 addressed all income groups and it was noted that the projects in the campaign were also raised in various cities.


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