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 Home    Ancient Burial Was Found in Bolu

In Bolu province, Turkey, a great ancient burial was found in a construction site. A construction company stopped the digging work while exhibiting some important materials found underground in an old ancient burial. The burial is considered to be 2 thousand years old. Inside the burial of 3 bronze coins, 9 pottery and one mystery object were found. The founded material belongs to the Roman empire period according to the information gathered.

A 2000-year-old Sarcophagus 

The burial seems to belong to the Roman period according to the information of the authorities. All the digging processes stopped, there will not be any instruction on the side unless all the foundation was gathered. The company informed the gendarmerie as soon as they reveal there are some important ancient foundation was met while doing the digging processes. soon the rescuing operation was started to examine if there are any other belongings to the Roman period. The remnants of the tomb and all the artifacts were handed over to the Museum Directorate of the Bolu Province. It is learned that all the findings are being prepared for exhibition

There Lays A Great History Underground 

A similar event was faced in Ardahan province last year. There had found some remanents of a polish originated Russian commander burial while there was an ongoing digging process by a construction company. The body which was found inside the burial was identified as Vasiliy Geyman who is considered to be a polish originated Russian commander.

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