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 Home    Altan Elmas: “The Installment Resıdental Credıts Should Be İncreased”

Z. Altan ELMAS is presidence of KONUTDER that is the leading company in the housing sector. In recent days, he gave a last minute decription. Altan ELMAS talked about the residental credits. He said, that the residental credits should pay during 15 years by house owners.

The graphics are raised substantially and so the end of the year aims raised in housing sales. Altan ELMAS that is president of KONUTDER, he talk about these issues,then talked about the residential credits.


Altan ELMAS made some statements about the housing credits and he has add that the residental credits should be pay as monthly and during 15 years. He talked about another something one more. The issue was about the interest rates should decrease about to 0.5 ratio. According to him,he means, while installment counts are increasing, at the same time the interest rates should decrease.

President of KONUTDER, Altan ELMAS, has reminded that the increasings of the housing sales as of 2017. And he added something to this reminding: “If we can keep this growth of 7.5 up to end of the year, we will have 1 million 450 thousands housing sales in end of the year.” According to his that minds, this situation will be a new record.

But the interest rates are important, if someone wants to these counts. He has a description one more about this interest rates. “The banks have interest rates about 0.90 for housing but it can not be real with these rates.

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