Home    Almost 10 Million Homes Sold in Turkey

According to the Turkey Statistical Institute, within the last 10 years, 9 million 361 thousand 941 houses changed hands across the country.

in Istanbul, 1 million 904 thousand 919 houses sold in which the highest number of house sales took place. Following cities were Ankara with more than 579 thousand sales, Izmir with more than 463 thousand sales, Antalya with 463 thousand 830 sales, and Bursa with more than 336 thousand sales.  In Mersin 247 thousand 663 houses, in Konya 227 thousand 150 houses, in Konya 227 thousand 150 houses, in Kayseri 224 thousand 250, in Kocaeli 200 445 houses were sold. Other cities such as Adana, Gaziantep, Eskişehir, Tekirdağ, Aydın, Samsun, Balıkesir, Sakarya, Diyarbakır, Manisa, Şanlıurfa, Hatay, Denizli took place within the 100 thousand sale scale. The least sale number recorded in Hakkari with 2,107 houses.

Some Big Cities Were Under 100 Thousand Sale Scale

In some big cities, it is noted that house sale figures have not exceeded upon 100 thousand critical line It can be seen that in some cities such as Edirne, Bolu, Aksaray, and Kırıkkale went over 50 thousand house sale scale. In Niğde city, 39 thousand 211houses, in Kırklareli 39 thousand 108, In Osmaniye 38 thousand 862, in Adıyaman 37 thousand 566 houses sold within the last decade.

Power Of Anatolia is Rising

It seems the Anatolia’s sale share is dramatically increasing because in big cities people with narrow or medium income can not afford to buy a home to they prefer to buy homes in Anatolian cities.

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