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Ağaoğlu Group of Companies Chairman Ali Ağaoğlu shared his concerns for contractors by recalling a bankruptcy incident that happened in the past year.

According to Ağaoğlu, housing prices are falling and costs are increasing, there are no balloons in the dwelling, but contractors who are buying land at very high prices are in trouble.

“Accounts are mixed.” Ali Ağoğlu reminded Fi Yapı that he had to postpone bankruptcy while there were thousands of circles that had to surrender the past year:



According to Ağaoğlu, who spoke to the newspaper Habertürk, the main issue is the people’s trouble with access to housing. Ağaoğlu said, “The income is not according to them. Need to meet the needs of the citizen with the increase of the land prices or the construction costs, there is also a serious stagnation in the fields for investment because the value of the house has increased in the past and it was satisfactory when you gave the rent. the investment return period of the rents was very long .The bank is far behind the deposit interest.

Ağaoğlu opens to Ankara. A new residential project in Ankara started a project with a thousand residences in Dikmen Valley. In the so-called Panora, the smallest house will be three plus one.

Ali Ağaoğlu, who gave information about the project, said, “We started to think about projects outside Istanbul. But for obvious reasons. Denk fell, a cooperative came to us in Ankara. They were very persistent. We did not break it after all. We started with the capital city projects outside Istanbul, “he said.

“Life is in the house” says Ali Ağaoğlu, “In this project houses will be comfortable. We take action on the foreground of Anatolian culture. For example, our culture has guest rooms. We develop appropriate projects accordingly. The smallest circle will be three plus one “.


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