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 Home    “After-Sales Service is Important in The Construction Sector”

MS Yapi, that become popular with Turkbuku Residence and Compass construction projects, Chairman Şahin Özant stated that the service provided after the sale of housing in the construction sector is great importance. MS Yapi Chairman Sahin Ozant said that  issues should be emphasized carefully such as Customer satisfaction, after sales services, project management. emphasizing that the issue

Also he said “Consumers want to continue to receive services after living in projects where they buy housing. After-sales services become a separate organization. Starting from this, the construction companies are also living with their customers nearly 24 hours after they produce and sell houses, supply the needs and expectations of the customer. ”


The Fastest Growing Districts of Istanbul in Terms of Human Population: Beylikduzu and Esenyurt

The population in both regions has increased by 65% over the past 5 years. MS Yapi Chairman Sahin Ozant said that  they expects the population to double in the next 5 years due to extraordinary growth rate and its proximity to the new airport by means of the attractive living conditions in the region.

Sahin Ozant says that with the ever-increasing population, rents of existing housing will rise and that the prices of new housing projects will be higher than today.

Success in Van Also Showed in Istanbul

Sahin Ozant is from Van. Ozant has established two companies, focusing on road construction, excavation and second hand vehicle sales in Van. Then he hand over  the companies to his brothers and came to Istanbul with his family and founded MS Yapı.

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