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If you are a woman, think about an island where women can only resort and men are forbidden. When you want to spend your holiday without men around, with only women and that female energy, imagine that there is a wooded island off the coast that you can spend your holiday. That interesting idea turns out to be fictitious, soon.

According to an article in the New York Post, an entrepreneur Kristina Roth will transform this women-only idea into reality very soon. The idea is based on her observation in the holiday places during her vacations. She thinks that, during their holidays, some women can’t be relaxed and they also change their behavior when the men around them. So, she decided to make a place, a wellness destination, an island, allocated only to women and decided to name it as SuperShe. With a help of her friend, she found an island for sale and decided to turn this island that women-only vacation place.

SuperShe is a wooded island off the coast of Finland and very close to Helsinki. The island is under construction, yet but bookings will be open in summer 2018. According to the same article, a week-long all-inclusive price is the US $3500 (€2850) of the SuperShe.

However, even if you are a woman, it is not enough for to make a reservation. It will not be so easy to spend your holiday on SuperShe island. Because there will be some compulsory procedures for you to be on the island for your vacation. First of all, there is a membership application step and then, you need to have to make a meeting. After these steps or after some references, if you are accepted, then you can spend your holiday on this women-only SuperShe holiday island.

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