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 Home    A Mosque for 10 thousand is to be built in Fatsa

Fatsa is one of the beautiful counties of Ordu City. Its population is 117.526 and its getting bigger. The County mufti Huseyin Can stated that the project of the mosque to be built for 10 thousand people in the province continued.

Fatsa’s religious community demands a bigger mosque

Mufti Hussein Can claimed that the biggest Mosque in the province is going to be built to meet the increasing demands of the rising population of Fatsa. Mufti Can,  added these statements to support his idea ” It is going to be a central mosque, in the middle of the city. Fatsa’s religious community is so crowded and city mosques are always full. For this purpose, we have done this project and our will is to make this project real.”

Quran Course for Preschool Children is important

Mufti Huseyin Can said they have built a very large course building in order to give a better preschool education to the children those are the 4-6 year –old.  Can; “The main course building is almost completed. We started the value education program for the 4-6-year-old student in the 2014-2015 academic year. It was the first time to put into practice this program in Ordu and also it is not that widespread in Turkey, only in some provinces this program’s importance is realized. We had 120 students in those years, but again we started value education program in here, Havva Hatun and Mevlana Mosque. Within the 2016 and 2017 academic year, the number of students had its peak. Day by day the demand for the education program increased so we made this decision, to start a new building for the Quran Education in a land that belongs to the office of Fatsa mufti. We hope that this building will be completed in a very short time and soon it will be open in the new academic period.”

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