Home    A Historical Turkish House İn Beykoz Will Restorate Again

Beykoz Municipality has a lot of historical buildings and It doesn’t wants to modify these buildings. Because these historical Turkish buildings are so valuable for history and these buildings should not be modified by municipality or another people. According to Beykoz Municipality’ s in opinion these buildings should not be changed because of their historical values. But they can be restored by themselves.


Nowadays, there is a house in İncirköy Sunazırı Street in Beykoz that the Beykoz Municipality wanted to restore as historical. Beykoz Municipality has rented this building from General Directorate of Foundations for restorating. If we talk about the building and the building’s around, this house is in settled state on 330 square meters garden.

The house consist of a basement floor, a ground floor and one floor more. It is one of the important examples which has a history 100 years and it is still one of the traditional Turkish buildings with its everything. Although it has a history and has Turkish motifs, It is not strong enough as structure anymore. Because of this, Beykoz Municipality wants to restore this building.


According to Beykoz Mayor Yücel Çelikbilek’s explains, such buildings should not be modified. They just should be restored and should be protected the building’s original states must not changed.


Also Mayor Yücel Çelikbilek said that the culturel heritages should be protect and should carry to the next generations, that the architecturel structure would not be touched in no way and it would be only restored. According to the Mayor Yücel Çelikbilek, this building will be restored to life thanks to this hard workings.


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