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İstanbul Kartal has become an important address in the conversion projects. They started to work for a project in the province, which has become a favorite center of real estate companies with the advantages provided by large factory owners.


Attracting attention with the urban transformation projects she has been living in Anatolia since 1985, Teknik Yapi has also supplanted Diktaş Ören Bayan Yarn Factory. Work has started for the residential and office project with the settlement agreement made.


In the project consisting of two different eternities, namely Deluxia Park Residence and Deluxia Park Business, residence blueprints were sold. There are 364 residences on the Deluxia Park Residence project consisting of 3 blocks consisting of 1 residence with 35 floors and 2 offices with 6 floors. There are 414 offices in the Deluxia Park Business, which is not yet available for sale.


Nazmi Durbakayım, Chairman of the Technical Construction Board, stated that the Technical Structure has been actively involved in the transformation of the Kartal, Soğanlık, Maltepe and Tuzla districts, which they call “Golden Triangle”, and that the conversion process will continue. Nazmi Durbakayım, who said that they are one of the companies that made the first conversion project in the region, said that in 1985 they developed a project instead of iron casting factory and started to invest thousands of houses in the process they started and decided to invest again in the region after 5 years. Mr. Durbakayım stating that the prominent position of the project, “In the same project residences Kartal district, offices are located in Maltepe. Dragos Stream passes through it, “he said.

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