Home    4 Mistakes Those Who Buy A House Make!

1. Expenses of purchasing

Some buyers think they can buy a property for 500 thousand liras if they have a cash advance of 250 thousand liras and a housing loan of 250 thousand liras. The truth is that there are many other costs besides the cost of housekeeping. The appraisal reports, compulsory earthquake insurance, title deed, notary expenses and stamp duty are just a few of the additional costs of buying a house.

 2. Process extension

Creating a real budget for a house in need and staying true to it is a distressing process. As long as this process is long, the process of being a proprietor can be evolved to be a troublemaker. What you need to do here is to firmly understand your current revenues and expenditures. There are a number of factors to consider, especially your career and child plans. In the future, you never know what’s going to hapepn to your money. So, before you buy, if you know exactly where your money goes, if you have planned a suitable payment strategy, all you need to do is buy at a price that will not exceed your budget.

3. Not to consider all aspects

It can be difficult to let the emotions get mixed up while buying a house. People immediately start thinking about how to make bathroom renovations or how to arrange their furnishings. The tendency of a property to aesthetize leads people to ignore other essentials. Think beyond the house. Are municipal services adequate? What kind of trend has the real estate market in the region been following in the past few years? How is the house location and how are the neighbors? Is there enough public transport? Do you have infrastructure or building development plans beside your property?

4. Avoiding professional help

People usually do not get help from specialists before they buy a house. Dismissing potential problems is one of the most important ways to go right to identify problems in a new or second hand home. It is annoying to struggle with infrastructural problems after buying a house and to bear extra costs.

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