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 Home    4 Districts With the Lowest Office Rent in Istanbul

Office prices and rentals may be more appropriate in the districts that may be an alternative to important locations as a business center with increased office supplies. In the branded office projects, office rents are the most suitable for the 4 villages, three in Anatolia and one in Europe.

In Istanbul, the number of rented offices started to increase with branded housing projects. Mixed and concept projects in the office types are expected to rise. Many office projects, especially in Istanbul and in Europe and Anatolian side, are a dream come true.


As an alternative to prestigious business areas such as Maslak and Levent, the areas that have risen are causing changes in both office and resale prices. The office projects in these areas are in an advantageous position both in terms of transportation and price. REIDIN Office Rent Index According to the results of the fourth quarter of 2016, prices for rental offices have decreased compared to the data for the previous quarter. What were the lowest rents in the 21 office districts in Istanbul? Here are 4 districts in Istanbul who would like to rent office.

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