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 Home    3 Thousand Meters Bicycle Path From Kanlıca To Paşabahçe

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Beykoz Municipality jointly conducted coastal expansion studies in the second stage was completed for public use. Along with the previously opened section, approximately 3,700 meters of public and bicycle path was created from Kanlıca to Pasabahce.

On the new road, which is the candidate to be the most scenic pedestrian way, it ends with Pozabahçe passing through Çubuklu 29, Çubuklu Hayal Kahvesi and İBB Social Facilities with its unique Bosphorus view.

Project Çubuklu-Kanlıca coastal road, which is the first site of the project started in 2015, has already been completed. Istanbul Bosphorus is located on the first paved 300 meter long road on the piles, 10 meters wide and has fishing and cycling areas.

It was completed on the second stage of the project and was extended to the Paşabahçe by extending the pedestrian path over the sea and was opened for public use. Starting from the back of the barbed pavilion, the new pedestrian road of Çubuklu 29, Çubuklu Hayal Kahvesi and İBB Beykoz Social Facilities is in front of the new pedestrian road with a length of 2.4 kilometers and a width of 10 meters.

There is a bicycle and a walking path on the new pedestrian path. The project also has fishing areas to keep fishers and walkers from disturbing each other. In the third stage of the project, it is stated that floating marinas will be constructed from Paşabahçe to Beykoz.

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