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It is of utmost importance that those who want to buy a house should not make mistakes when evaluating the opportunity and choose the right house. However, in order to choose the right housing, it is necessary to pay attention to some issues and ask the right questions. Because of the dream of being a host, this road can be faced with many difficulties. Especially, it is seen that living troubles are caused by not being asked the right questions. Real estate experts also warn this issue and indicate that the right questions asked at the time of housing are of great importance.

Which questions should be asked when buying a house, which elements should be considered when buying a house?

20 questions to ask when taking home:

  1. 1. How much is the house net square meter? (While housing is usually sold in gross square meters, the net square meter must be learned absolutely)
  2. 2. Does the building have permission to use it?
  3. 3. Has the ground study been conducted? (In particular, it is necessary to be asked about this problem against the earthquake)
  4. 4. Is earthquake regulations taken into account when building?
  5. 5. Does the materials meet the standards? (The answer to this question must be learned clearly in order to avoid problems later.)
  6. 6. What is the age of the building? (Experts point out that buildings that have reached the age of 50 in terms of durability are at risk, should not forget this warning and ask the question to know the age of the building)
  7. 7. How is it warming up?
  8. 8. Do you have a car park?
  9. 9. How is the transportation situation? Is it possible to access public transport in a reasonable time?
  10. 10. How close is it to shopping points, hospital and school?
  11. 11. Which fronts are facing, what is the bottom?
  12. 12. Is there a possibility that the view of the residence will close in the future?
  13. 13. Is the building safe against theft?
  14. 14. Is there a Hydrofor, Generator?
  15. 15. Is there insulation of heat, sound and water?
  16. 16. Is the title deed of the property a title deed?
  17. 17. How much is the average dues for housing?
  18. 18. Is there a shelter place in accordance with current regulations?
  19. 19. Are there non-home storage areas?
  20. 20. Is there a park where children can spend time nearby?

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