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The subway that is being planned to be constructed in this year between the Yıldırım Station and the Osmangazi Station is going to be exactly 7km. Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of the Bursa Büyükşehir Municipality announces that the subway that is going to be constructed underground is going to go through the Yıldırım Station to the Osmangazi Station for 7km, which is the most populated area of the region. The Mayor of the municipality has come together with the headman of the neighbourhood quarters to talk about what is going to be done with the historical areas in the region, where the construction will take place.

The Crowd Has Created Traffic Pollution

The Mayor Alinur Aktaş has informed that, Bursa, which is built up together with many industrial buildings is growing and growing fast every day. The old area of Bursa, which is called the Uludağ line is giving some disadvantages in terms of traffic and this is polluting the traffic, which was much calmed in the past.

The Subway Will Be Constructed Below The Ulu Mosque Inn Area and The Above of  Yıldırım

The Mayor Aktaş has informed, that after he came to be the mayor of the municipality, he took steps inorder for the traffic and transportation to be developed. He hopes that with the new construction of the subway, the polluted traffic will be back to normal as before. He also says, that in the last conversation that he had with the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister told that there shouldn’t be any systems will rails. He suggested that metro and metrobus systems should be brought up. The reason for this, is because the subway goes underground, which means more finance needed. The subways will be underground, therefore the traffic in the city will not be disturbed.

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