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In the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, 16 items of the Law on Taxation and the Law on Amendments to the Decree Law were accepted. Effective January 1, 2017, 37 billion TL will be added to the net debt use amount.
In the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, 16 items of the Law on Taxation and the Law on Amendments to the Decree Law were accepted.

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According to the accepted items, the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority, with or without a certificate of authorization, those who sell the pasta, leaf or cigarette paper filled with shredded tobacco, shredded tobacco or any substance other than tobacco shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 6 years from the time of delivery for three years.

Willingness and contractors in public procurement will be able to give the guarantee letter from insurance companies as guarantee letter.


The approval of the Ministry of Finance will be taken in the determination of the number of subcontracted personnel to be employed in public institutions and the ceilings of fees and similar financial payments to be determined in the tender document considering one, some or all of the factors affecting the wage level such as administrations, types of services, legal entities and venture capital funds that provide financing to capital companies and individual participation investors are required to provide funds or capital companies established for the purpose of funding joint venture funds providing co-financing to venture companies to which they have invested, the upper limit and quality of the resources to be committed by the Undersecretariat of Treasury to the funds financing the projects, the Council of Ministers shall decide on the selection criteria of the funds or funds to be transferred, the funds of the mutual funds and the mutual funds, the areas where the mutual funds can be invested, the inspection, the upper limits of any fees and expenses incurred due to the commitments,

Finance Minister Naci Agbal, responding to the criticisms of the parliamentarians, said that this material was not brought to the Fund to transfer funds to the Fund.

With the amendment made in the Law on Public Financing and Debt Management Regulation, the net debt utilization amount will be applied by adding 37 billion Turkish Liras to the net debt usage amount increased by the Minister and Council of Ministers as of 1 January 2017.


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