Home    1 year rental guarantee from Teknik Yapi to Uplife Kadıköy!

Teknik Yapı, which has been leading the transformation of Fikirtepe, has launched a big campaign that offers zero interest and rental income at the same time in the Uplift Kadikoy project. With the campaign that will run until the end of the year, the interest burden of apartment areas from the Uplife project will be zero, with rent income up to 3,500 liras per month. Teknik Yapı is a guaranteed tenant for 1 year in the apartments area of the Uplift Kadikoy project within the scope of the campaign.


Double renting opportunity

Those who buy a limited number of apartments in the Uplift Kadikoy project will be able to take advantage of this even if they buy or rent their apartments. Until the end of the year, up to 3,500 liras of flat apartments in the Kadıköy project will be paid to the apartment owners at the beginning of each month by Teknik Yapı. The rent payments that will start immediately after delivery will be deposited into the bank accounts of the floor owners at the beginning of each month.


Rent guarantee plus zero interest rate

Uplift Kadikoy, which has a total of 830 luxurious residence apartments and 20 commercial units and rises on ‘Prestij Caddesi’ which will be an alternative to Kadikoy’s Bagdat Caddesi, attracts not only the rent but also the non-interest payment opportunities. Teknik Yapı offers rental benefits to those who want to buy the bright future of Fikirtepe as well as a zero interest interest with 100 months maturity. Special purchasing schemes are also included in the sale of discounts up to 20 percent in cash purchases. Customized payment plans are prepared according to the customer’s request according to the maturity and advance payment.

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