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 Home    Will The Residence Loan Be Withdrawn With The Pension?

Banks, in turn, take into account the wealth of the laborer in order to give credit. It is an important unit of measure in age when housing loans are given to retired. Banks usually set their age limit to 65 or 75 years. If you have not exceeded the age limit set by the bank, you can use your home loan. The biggest reason why banks set their age limit is that insurance companies must avoid insurance after a certain age. In this case, some banks use mortgage lenders by asking for payday loans working instead of insurance.


One of the problems that pensioners face when buying home loan from banks is the problem of not paying their salary. Banks look at the income of the person who will use the housing loan. The monthly salary of a person’s bank will not exceed 70 percent of his salary. That is, one person who gets a salary of 1000 TL can withdraw a loan with a maximum of 700 TL per month. If there is an employee working with the household they live with, or if there is any additional income, this rate may rise by presenting it to the bank.

While home loans are used for pensioners, house value is also important. The amount that you can use according to the value of the house in the expertise report is determined by the bank and, if deemed appropriate, you are allowed to use the credit. Banks use 75 percent of the house appraisal price. So if the house you will buy is a house worth TL 100.000, you can borrow up to 75.000 TL from the bank. The remaining 25.000 TL will ask you to prepare cash in cash.

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