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Having a property also entails a new tax payment obligation. The first installment of the tax must be paid by the end of this month.

With highest income; Business man, football player, artist. Constant income earner, civil servant. For everyone ‘be a property owner’ is the priority.

Artists and athletes who have reached money and reputation at a young age, first of all (after have a car, of course) think of ownership of the property. When collective Money, real estate investment is made firstly.


BağlantıThe Situation is Same For Paid Employees

The dream of being a property owner is imagined for many years, the first opportunity to make an account of being a property owner.

If the property can not be obtained by paying the cooperative subsidy or bank loan during the employment, this time the property is assessed for collecting money from the pension entitlement / severance pay. Citizens invest property for their children if they are not for them.

The meaning of Being a property owner is different in our country, also the meaning of the first house is different. It does not matter if there are two rooms. İf ‘Never ending the payment of the rent’ should be finished, it is enough. Once you are a property owner, you are also obliged to pay a new tax: “Property Tax.” The first installment must be paid by the end of this month (May 31).

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