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There are some points that Istanbulers should know about investing in real estate. Real estate investors should pay attention to this point. Here are the points:

1) Real estate is difficult to turn into money and takes a long time. For this reason investors should pay attention to this. They can invest in real estate if they can wait in the long haul.
2) Real estate consultants will help you with the right areas for your investment. You can work with Istanbul real estate investment consulting companies.
3) They should pay attention to whether the properties of the properties are stable or not. Buildings that are not built according to earthquake regulations lose value to investors.

4) Development zones will be the right decision for real estate investment.
5) Real estate that does not have a problem of security should be preferred.

6) Before the investment, districts that make a premium in Istanbul should be searched.
7) Regions where subway lines pass, areas close to airports are the right options for real estate investment.
8) Whether or not the projects of the municipalities to be invested should be investigated.

9) Before investing, a thorough research should be done.
10) It should not be forgotten that real estate investment is a long term investment. Therefore, plans, research and investment should be made for the future, not according to the current conditions.
11) Where is the investment property in Istanbul taken from? The answer to this problem is to invest in long-term high yield areas.

Investors who take these items into consideration before investing will make the right decisions.

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