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 Home    Who Can Benefit From 15 Per Cent Housing Support?

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu explained the 10th Economic Development Plan at a press conference held in Ankara Palas. Responding to journalists’ questions after the press conference, Davutoglu asked journalists about the 15 percent state aid they received yesterday. The Prime Minister made the following statement on this:

“After entering the law, if I agree with a bank, I want to open an account to buy a house, and when the account starts to deposit money, this account will give the state 15 percent if the deposit money is kept for 5 years and if it is used afterwards it will give 15 thousand liras If someone has said that I have invested for 5 years, but I want to buy a house in the fourth year , and a gradual incentive will be applied for the fourth and third years. 15 percent for five years, 12 percent for four years, 10 percent for three years. This is now at a slight change so that at least three years of that saving will be encouraged and in early shoots 15 percent further downward grading will be applied. The construction sector will support the new marriages and lower income segments by reducing the down payment burden on housing purchases. ”

“What we are thinking now is that if we take this as a burden, we will collect a 25 percent down payment and mitigate it … What are the consequences of lightening this burden? it will be in the first house, not in the second house, it will be provided for the first house, which is more related to the new marriage.

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