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 Home    Which Documents Do You Need In Bank When Loaning House ?

Mortgage system or other word loaning house for using bank credit is more popular today. Because there is lots of advantages on mortgage system in Turkey. For this reason in Turkey house renting is not useful for Turkey.

In mortgage system if you have enough money to rent a house, you will buy a house for using mortgage system in Bank and after years paying as house rent money as to bank you own a house.


How can you appeal for mortgage?

You ready to buy a house use a mortgage system then you have to go to bank to pay your credit. In this time you have to prepare some documents that you need it.

These documents are:

  • Identity card that who takes to mortgage credit
  • Fully filled application form that want to buy house in mortgage credit
  • Income documents. In this documents takes to your business for last three months. If you do not work or you do not have a income you have to show how do you buy this house. Also you have to show all other income documents that you show how you pay back your credit. Or you are retired. You show your income document that your bank has give to you.
  • You can show your electricity, telephone or natural gas service documents has paid within last three months.
  • You need a appraisal report that, how much credit that you take. Because in this system bank pay has 75 percentages of this report.

Finally you pay money after choose your payment period and sign all bank documents. At the end you have buy a one new house.

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