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 Home    Which Country Citizen Bought The Most Houses From Turkey In February?

The Turkish Statistical İnstitute informed the number of houses sold and bought in February 2018. It is counted that in February 95 thousand 953 houses were sold. Out of the houses sold, 16 thousand 247 of the houses are found in İstanbul and with this number, İstanbul stands at the top of the list once again, for the city that sold the most houses.

Irak Is Always At The Top of the List

In February 2018, exactly 1729 houses were sold to international citizens. According to the international countries, the most houses were sold to the Iraks. 308 houses to bought by the Irakis in February. Houses are sold very fast to international citizens every other day. The international countries continue to buy houses from Turkey and keep changing their places in the statistical list. When we look at the statiscal information of the Turkish Statistical İnstitute, we can see that the number of houses bought by citizens of Europe is getting less each day. For example, Germany stands in 12th place and has only bought 53 houses in February. Even Holland has only bough 43 houses.

Houses Sold In Other Countries

After the citizens of Irak, 178 houses were sold to Saudi Arabia. 128 houses to sold to Russia and 122 to Iran. On the otherhand, 118 houses were bought by Afganistan and 99 houses were bought by Kuwait.

The Most Houses Were Bought From Istanbul

The most houses bought by international citizens is not surprisingly was in İstanbul. In just February 2018, 604 houses were told in İstanbul, which is not a small number. After İstanbul, internationals bought 415 houses from Antalya, which is a grand number for Antalya. 134 houses were sold in Bursa. 84 houses were bought from Yalova and 71 houses were sold in Trabzon. The real estate sector of Turkey is slowly building up.

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