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Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is the one of the most livable city in Turkey. Therefore, people can invest money in house for more profit. For increasing profit, be careful while selecting locality, house and neighborhood.


Selecting Locality:

For more profit from the property investment, the most important thing is the selecting locality. Properties value in the some region where government invest or another special investment is done will increase. For example, University, hospital or job opportunities make the values of properties higher. Before such investment would done, these properties can be bought cheaply. In order to give an example, the rising star is the Baglıca , Etimesgut. The value of properties in Baglıca highly increased comparing the last 5 years and keep increasing for the next 5 years at least. Another important factor is transportation like buses or subway.



For the investment, the house should be new and contemporary. Property in Turkey is the important for not giving rent money. Hence, in the new trend, there are lots of new and modern houses. Foreign people should invest money by considering the domestic people. Some details which are not important for foreign people are really important for domestic people such as balcony, salon.



Neighborhood seems unimportant but the best home selection depends on that. Psychologically, people can feel more comfortable with the people who have same cultural, religion and economic level. There are different locations for people with different cultural background like Eryaman, Etimesgut, Elvankent.

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