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 Home    Where Should A Middle-Income Family In Istanbul Buy House?

Nizameddin Aşa, the President of the Chamber of Real Estate Agents and Consultants, who spoke about affordable house prices in Istanbul, said that 400-square-foot apartments with 70-80 square meters and around 500 thousand pounds of apartments with 90-100 square meters will be located in central or near- according to the neighborhood this price could rise to 1 million liras or more.


Aşa said, “I mean you can get apartments from 70-80 thousand liras to a million dollars, but you will find only a few houses for 70-80 thousand liras. There are some reasons for the price being so low that you need to have a sensitive tag and maybe the owner of the house needs an ergent money. Prices have recently been seen in some rural and centrally located neighborhoods of Arnavutköy, where it is possible to find 3 room and one living room apartments around 150 thousand TL, and 200 to 250 thousand in the central districts.


Aşa repeated that it is possible to find suitable alternatives in the districts like Sultanbeyli, Pendik and Tuzla. He said that the construction areas are over there and the construction is done in quite big numbers, but the central districts of these regions are not very cheap.

Aşa informed that there is a 3 room apartments with normal floor area in Pendik center with 300-400 thousand, 250-350 thopusand in Tuzla and 200-250 thousand liras in remote areas.

He said that in order to get affordable homes, citizens often follow places that urgently needed to be sold and projects, that haven’t started the construction.

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