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“What will happen to housing prices in 2018?” Will house prices rise or fall?

Housing prices are unfortunately not expected to fall in the near future. On the contrary, due to the rise in construction costs and the fact that land prices are reaching astronomical figures, the prices of housing are expected to increase depending on many different factors. Already many mass housing producers are announcing that housing prices will raise by 2018. Some of these statements made as a marketing policy to increase the sales of the announced data shows that the hike is becoming an inevitable.


Is it Time to Buy Housing?

Campaigns aimed at meeting the year-end targets of mass housing producers show that the campaigns are in a very convenient time to buy housing. There are many different campaigns such as unfurnished housing projects, interest-free housing loans, low-interest housing loans support, which means that opportunities for those who want to be a resident are offered.

Although the bank mortgage interest rates are now somewhat higher, the falling housing prices encourage those who want to buy a house using credit. Although the interest rates on the housing loans are already high, the interest rates on the housing loans have decreased recently. Even if such an interest rate cut is made, those who have already used the loan have the right to benefit from falling interest rates by taking advantage of the right to structure the home loan. In this regard, the housing loan has been prevented from being a victim when the interest rates have fallen.

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