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 Home    What Is The Right To Cancel A Timeshare It?

The Ministry of trade and customs, holiday holiday and long term the regulation of service contracts, was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.


Regulations, timeshare resorts, long-term holiday service, modify and re-created principles and procedures to be applied to the contract of sale. Timeshare resorts the contract to be provided by a personal or real right the right to an association or company the membership of the partnership depending on of this right, recognition together with travel or other services or accommodation to be submitted at the same time will not interfere with the implementation of the provisions of the regulation.


The implementation of the regulation property, period property, joint ownership, shares, real estate sales, and subject to the registration of similar names and the deed made under contracts for the sale of, more than one establishment and to the consumer for longer than 1 year during this time period for one or more overnight stays in the event you recognize the possibility of the Agreement will be accepted as holiday.


The seller or the provider’s Holiday Gift, giveaway, free food, sold under names such as sightseeing and incentive to the consumer by using methods found in the invitation, if the invitation content-the promotion of commercial purposes prior to, or as nonvolatile data registers will be communicated through to the consumer. Inform that the burden of proof will belong to the seller or provider is made of.

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