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 Home    What If Tax Return Report Is Not Declared?

Income derived from the payment of goods and rights specified in the Income Tax Law is expressed as “immovable capital income” and subject to income tax under certain conditions. Rent income tax is given by those who earn income from housing and business rentals. However, it is not necessary to give a person who has a low income from the exceptional limits set for rent income tax.

Those who get a real estate capital income over 3 thousand 900 TL from their dwellings in 2017 and over 30 thousand TL from their establishments need to pay taxes this year.

The rental income tax declaration and 1st installment payment period, which started on 1 March, are ongoing. The taxpayers will be able to give their statements until the evening of March 26, and the payments will end in the evening of March 31. Second installments of the tax will be paid in July.

What will happen if I have not submitted the tax return statement?

It is necessary to pay a full tax deduction for rent income tax payment, if not given some sanctions are being discussed.

If the tax is not declared or declared incomplete, the exemption of 3,900 TL for the year 2017 is not available. However, those who declare housing rental income that is not declared in the previous period or not included in the declaration given in the previous period before the execution of any determination by administration, with declaration given after the end of the period can benefit from the exception.

If the rent income to be declared is not reported, the first degree irregularity penalty is deducted twice in the name of the tax liability and it is appreciated by the revenue appraisal commission.

The income tax and the tax penalty penalty are calculated on the appraised income. The tax penalty is compared with the irregularity penalty, which is cut in two times, and it is applied most severely.

Delay interest is also charged for each delayed month. The tax, penalty and delay interest accrued in this way must be paid within one month from the date of accrual.

If it is not paid, in the tax office will also be calculated the monthly delay. The monthly delay is calculated on a daily basis.

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