Home    “We Must Build Buildings That Will Last At Least 100 Years”

Ferdi Erdogan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Construction Material Industry Association (IMSAD), stated that after 20-30 years, building should last at least 100 years in order not to talk about urban transformation again.

According to a statement made by Turkey’s IMSAD, Erdogan has made evaluations within the scope of March 1-7 Earthquake Week.


Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Ozhaseki said: “An earthquake is expected to be over 7 magnitude in Istanbul until 2030, and 7 million buildings should be changed as soon as possible before this happens, 200 thousand each year in Istanbul and 300 thousand in Anatolia 500 thousand buildings need to be replaced. ” Erdogan reminded that Özhaseki was also aware of the fact that it was a major earthquake, especially for Istanbul, and that he had to take precautions as soon as possible.

Erdogan, 1999 Kocaeli earthquake that occurred in the wake of the sufferings that are still unforgotten and stressing that it is not possible, he noted, said: “If a similar earthquake occurs in Istanbul and we do not want to suffer the same pain, we must immediately take the necessary precautions and get rid of the insecure constructions. As precautions to be taken urgently in the earthquake and safe constructions have not been completed completely and have not been able to work yet. It must be excluded from its destiny. “

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