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For places like İstanbul and Ankara, the real estate sector is very active and thousands of houses are sold every day. For this reason, ways to increase the value of houses are very important. For a house to be sold for more than its value, there are some issues that must be taken care of.

Issues To Have In Mind To Increase The Value of A House

For example, when you want to sell your house higher that its normal value, the physical look of the house must be checked. The physical look, the inner architecture of the house. It can be the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet. These areas need to be very firm and clean. The paint on the walls must not seem like they are going to fall off. The doors and the door handles must be strong and in its place. The electricity buttons must be working, the windows must open and close and be clean. If the house has a chimney, it must be cleaned and ready for use and the floor must be clean and fine.

Seller Must Choose The Right Time To Sell The House

When you want to sell your house, you must always be very careful of when you are selling it. The time and season are two very important factors when you are selling the house. If your house gets affected by the change of weathers very much, you may have to wait for a while to be able to sell your house. Houses for example that have good isolation systems, which means that in the summer, it keeps the house cool and in the winter, warm, can be sold faster. Not just the physical looks for the house, but where the house stands, also will change the value of the house very much.

Important Issue For The Buyer

On other issue that buyers especially think about when they buy a new house, is how much light gets into the house in the day time. Therefore how cool or warm the house gets automatically.

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