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 Home    Urban Transformation in Antalya Supports 99 Percent Of The Population

President Menderes Türel said that the urban transformation project carried out in Antalya Kepez was supported by 99 percent of the population.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out the biggest urban transformation project of Turkey in Kepez-Santral area in Antalya with 1.3 million square meters of land, continues its studies without interruption. Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel stated that the green area in Antalya Kepez Santral Transformation project was increased by 32 percent compared to the previous year and that “The kindergarten elementary school areas were increased by 180 percent, socio cultural facilities areas by 69 percent and religious and health facility areas by 167 percent. The route of the rail system passing through it was processed, in addition to the district market place, the Nature History Museum took place in the project. ” Transforming the houses of the rights holders and protecting the trees in their gardens, Türel noted that the 12 thousand trees on the field were re-emerged as a special area in the north of the project area. Türel said, “At this point, all our trees are sprinkled in the field with zero loss, and I hope to plant it all again in October 2018. Is it possible not to be happy with such a project, so the residents of the neighborhood gave 99 percent support and signed it?


“Our master plan for urban transformation will be completed in the coming months and the master plan will open up a large scale for healthy urbanization and will pave the way for model transformation projects,” Türel said, adding that they also prepared a master plan in addition to existing work in urban transformation. Transfer of tourism in Antalya, indicating that Turel, next year will start to rise as income. Türel explained: “We will also have completed and completed projects that will add value to the city center such as trams, Konyaalti beaches, marina, Kent Museum, Boğaçayı, Kepez Santral Transformation, Balbey Transformation etc. We increase the quality of life in our districts with infrastructure and street improvements and parks. We are presenting Antalya in a higher line than in the past and present We have been introducing Antalya in MIPIM since 3 years Since the effect of the external promotion of EXPO in the G20 was not fully revealed due to terrorism, The regional effect is that the Syrian war is going to be a positive. “

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