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EYG Group Chief Executive Officer and Former Chairman Omer Faruk Celik said that he opened the front of small contractors between the neighborhoods, mostly from the contractors with the urban transformations in the form of on-site building construction. Omer Faruk Celik said, on the other hand, said that the renovated people stayed in the same place and that this development slowed down the demand for large site projects


Omer Faruk Çelik, who came together with the journalists, evaluated the transformation between the neighborhoods. Ömer Celik stated that the urban transformation between the neighborhoods was effective in reducing the sales of branded houses. Omer Faruk Celik, “Today, every neighborhood is experiencing a transformation. Living this transformation is a small contractor from the big brands made the housing between the neighborhood, “he said. Omer Faruk Celik said stated that a person who had a rising income in a neighborhood moved to a site and a person who had a higher income moved to a better place. “Now the people who are renovated with urban transformation are staying in the new building instead of moving to the site. This cuts in front of big brands.”

Bağlantı Another factor affecting sales is the number of producers in the market indicating Omer Faruk Celik, “the number of producers exceeded the number of buyers. The number of companies entering the market together with the transformation increased 3 times, “he said. Ömer Çelik said, who stated that the way to increase sales is to export 25 thousand dollars per capita national income, suggested a new model in urban transformation.

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