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Yör Group plans to start construction of the Yör Palas Çengelköy and Yör Palas Kağıthane projects, which are planned to be made after Yör Palas Acıbadem in 2018.

Yörsan Group, which operates in Turkey and 25 countries all over the world, has been selling Yör Palas, a smart and luxurious boutique housing project of Acıbadem. Yör Palas Çengelköy and Yör Palas Kağıthane are planned to pass the next year.

Teoman Yörük, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yörsan and Yöryapı said, “We are working with all our energy to perform our duties as a representative of the business world with full power.” This year as the Yörryapı, we decided to continue our new investments without slowing down”

“Yör Palas will be delivered in October”

Yörük explains that the apartments in Yör Palas will start to be delivered in October. Yörük said that the project had 4 + 1 garden duplex, 3 + 1 standard apartment, and 4 + 1 and 4 + 2 roof duplex types. Content Editor and Urban Transformation Manager Sedat Yıldız said, “Smart house technology at Yör Palas, which is the most intelligent and luxurious residence project of Acıbadem, takes place at the highest level and raises the standard of living. The project consists of intelligent closets, smart gateways and intelligent home systems. When you are not at home, you can set the temperature of your home with smart phones, control the air conditioners, turn on and off the heat, smoke and water detectors and you will be able to prevent the fire from flooding.”

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