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 Home    Turks Have Bouht 20 Billion Dollar Housing Abroad

Engin Keçeli, a member of the board of directors of Seba Construction, who spent a 23-year career in projects in Istanbul and Bodrum under the brand name of Seba, said that Turkish citizens increased their purchases of real estate abroad after the coup attempt. Keçeli said, “In cities such as London and Lisbon, they bought about $ 20 billion worth of real estate.”

Engin Keçeli, last year, after the coup attempt and security problem caused by the perception of the 5 Turkish citizens who were taking money abroad,claimed: “Foreign banks have invested their money because the bank interest rates are low.  Engin Keçeli said that those who bought from these countries would be unable to pay their dues after a while and said, “We had a similar situation in the past years.”
Keçeli also gave information about their projects and said that they tripled the number of projects in the Kagithane region, which shines by the urban transformation. “We are planning to deliver a luxury residential project called Seba Flats, which consists of 202 houses and is under construction and sales process in Cendere, in 2019,” said Keçeli, who continues to deliver the Seba Off ice Boulevard Project in Ayazağa. Now we are going to show our new project called Seba Suites in Kagithane “.

‘Kağıthane region is turning into Bagdat Caddesi on the European side’

Engin Keçeli said that Kağıthane, which is located close to the Maslak-Büyükdere-Levent line, is rapidly advancing towards becoming a center of attraction with its proximity to its central business areas. “Today, Cendere Valley is rapidly moving on its way to become the new Bagdat Street on the European Side. We have confidence in Kağıthane’s future. “

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