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Real Estate Housing spoke at the exhibition “Expo Turkey” in Qatar. Participants of the exhibition said that the purpose of this event is the development of bilateral relations in the spheres of investment between Qatar and Turkey. In addition, the participants plan to strengthen cooperation in other countries of the Persian Gulf region.


Stating that Istanbul is rapidly moving towards becoming one of the important financial and commercial centers of the world, competing with the big cities of the world, Emlak Konut REIT general manager Murat Kurum said that investments in this period are not limited to Istanbul alone. One of the most important details of this development is that the construction sector, the largest real estate investment company, REIT Real Estate Housing, plays an active role in the revitalization and implementation of sector projects.


MURAT Kurum said that the law, which opened the way for foreign investors in the real estate sector from 2013. Kurum continued: “In recent months, buyers of real estate for $ 1 million was granted a residence permit. So now the government is preparing to offer more tax benefits, for example, foreign residents will be exempt from VAT on the first real estate they buy. The share of foreign investors today, which is at the level of 4.5 billion dollars.


Investments in real estate in Turkey are more attractive as an investment element. To further strengthen these relations, we began to concentrate our advertising activities abroad. We will try to explain our investments by conducting advertising activities in the Gulf countries, stressing our dynamism and high potential in the countries of the Middle East and Europe, which closely monitor our country, especially in the Gulf countries, such as Qatar. “

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