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 Home    Transport of Industrial Sites Will Speed ​​Up Urban Transformation

With the redefinition of the duties of the Ministry of Industry, the relocation of the industrial sites in the settlement areas was once again on the agenda, so businessmen cautioned that both urban settlement and the urban transformation would take place rapidly.


It is estimated that 17 billion TL worth of land value will be generated with the transportation of the industrial sites in Turkey, while the authority to remove the industrial sites from the city is given to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Especially in İzmir, when and how the industrial sites in the city will be moved and questioned is a question mark, it is expected that in case of industrial sites located in the most valuable places in the city, both the solution of the problem of the land in the city and the urban transformation are expected to take place rapidly.


Mustafa Cicek, Member of the Board of Directors of Çiçek Kardeşler Construction, stated that it was too late to carry the industrial sites of İzmir out of the city. “Istanbul and Ankara have taken an important moment by moving industrial sites and galleries out of the city long ago. It will catch a significant acceleration of development if it succeeds. ”


Çiçek pointed out that the region planned as the new city center of İzmir is surrounded by industrial sites, “Unfortunately, such images are still far away in the developed cities, but there are industrial sites in Izmir, which are still hundred meters away from the city center.”

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