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Urban transformation project covering 16 neighborhoods in Üsküdar starts in May 2017.

The Transformation in Uskudar Begins in May 2017 The urban transformation project in Uskudar covering 16 neighborhoods will begin in May 2017.


Uskudar Revision Plan for the Protection of Uskudar Back View and Affected Regions, which opened 1/5000 scale in front of the urban transformation in Üsküdar, was adopted by the Assembly of İBB in March. While the plan for the first stage project is approved in parliament in September, the plan is expected to be suspended within one week.

We Will Complete At 3 Steps

After this process, a region in Çamlıca will be declared as pilot region in May 2017 and the first application is planned to start. Urban transformation project in Üsküdar covers 16 neighborhoods according to the approved development plan, and completion is planned in three stages.


The first stage of the project consists of a part of Yavuztürk and Bahçelievler neighborhoods and a part of Küçüksu and Hekimbaşı districts, the second stage of Mehmet Akif Ersoy and Güzeltepe districts all together with Ferah, Çengelköy, Kirazlıtepe, Küplüce and Kandilli be Kuleli neighborhoods and the third stage is Burhaniye, Kısıklı, Kuzguncuk It covers some of the hustle-bustle neighborhoods.


Rent Payment

The biggest advantage for the project is the residential area of 181 residential buildings, which was constructed by TOKİ on 7 acres of land belonging to the municipality. A reserve housing area of about 43 thousand square meters is planned in the region. Thus, the citizens who are transforming their homes will be able to help them until they are placed in the houses without paying rent.

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