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 Home    TOKI Starts the 976 Residential Urban Transformation Projects in GaziosmanPasa

In GaziosmanPasa, TOKİ starts the new project that is under İstanbul urban transformation. The project involves 976 housing and 13 offices! The Country-Wide Urban Transformation works are continuing fast. The housings that will be in the project are planned by 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1! The 521 residences are 2+1, 271 residences are 3+1 and 4 residences are 4+1.

According to the protocol between the Gaziosmanpasa municipality and TOKİ, 4-stage urban transformation works have been started on the area of 230 thousand 560 m2. The project will take place in Sarıgöl and Yenidoğan quarters of Gaziosmanpasa. The first stage of the Urban Transformation is in the Sarıgöl quarter which has an area of 47.100 m2. There are 253 rightful owners and an agreement was made with the 243 of them. As a result of this deal, liquidation proceedings were completed for the 302 unqualified buildings.


Modern Architecture

Under the law numbered 6306 with the urban transformation, for places where declared as “Risky Area”; some important goals were defined in order to have a nicer and safer living area. On-site transformation project is based for the areas which have a risk of earthquake! The project also involves the solutions related to the problems about the unplanned construction, inadequate social equipment features etc…Modern architecture is dominant in the façade designs.

Social Facilities, Infrastructure and Environmental Regulation

April 27, 2017 Thursday the Gaziosmanpasa urban transformation tender meeting was held for the 976 housings and 13 offices. The subjects also related to the social facilities, infrastructure and environmental regulation were in the tender.

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