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Borsa Istanbul Chairman of the Board of Directors Karadag: “We want the housing projects to be sold in the Borsa Istanbul as securities from the Gulf to the Balkans. We will make the land transfer over the certificate possible through online mobile application. We will buy and sell all the agricultural land in Turkey in a collective way we want it. ”


Online Title Deed Transfer

Himmet Karadag said that they own 1.2 billion products per day on the share side from certain people and hand them over to other people without any problem. Today, even taking a 2-acre arsenal is a very serious bureaucracy, saying that Karadağ, but the stock market has changed the possession of an entity with an automotive factory to zero problem. Karadağ voiced that they would like to buy and sell all the agricultural land in Turkey in aggregated form, so that the maximum bureaucracy and minimum bureaucracy would be passed from business difficulties.

“Planning To Remove The Blast Pool System At April”


Asked about their views on Forex regulation, Karadağ pointed out that Forex is a troubled area and said, “I do not get a negative decision.” Karadag, related to the transfer of the Istanbul Stock Exchange to the Asset Fund, said: “This is a decision of the governing government, and there is no change in the strategies, no such forecasting and instruction at this time as of the companies that are being transferred. We will continue in the same way. Will also bring very nice securities. “

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