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3. The construction of the airport continues at full speed. 3. While the construction of the airport continues, new decisions are being made. One of these decisions is related to the expansion of the area. The construction of this airport will be the largest airport completed. 70 million passengers are expected to use this place. In addition, many points will be transported here. The airport, which is easy to reach, will be preferred by many people.

Project Arranged

IGA Airport Operations Inc. had a statement on the days we passed. It is stated that there are some regulations in the ground of this explanations. That’s why we talked about new arrangements in the project. With the new regulations being made, it is aimed that the airport will be on a more solid basis.

ÇED Accepted

The company has implemented the ÇED process to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism. This process was accepted by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism. This arrangement has been added to the project file. It was decided to make a fill area to connect with the land area. It is aimed to increase the usage area with this filling area. It will be built in other structures. A safe coastline will be formed with the breakwater to be built. In addition, the port will make the use of ships even easier.

How long it will take?

This filling process is expected to be completed within a period of 6 months. It is intended to provide facilities for ships after the transaction. Weak spotting was done at the western breakwater. Regulations will be held around here. As a result, a more solid ground will be achieved.

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