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The Torba Draft, which has been in negotiations with the Parliament and will become law in the coming days, has very important regulations on the housing account. I will first find a testament, then I will refer to the regulations. The housing account began with the slogan ‘mobilization of housing’ in the middle of 2016 to make citizens, government support and housing owners.

Citizens will accumulate to become owners of housing, the state will contribute 20 percent of this accumulation. This would be done by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. The expectation was high; 100 thousand non-resident owners would open an account. What happened? Over a year and a half passed, all the ball, 12 thousand people opened the account in the bank. Why? The benefit of the application and the advantages of the state contribution were not explained.

Due to the fact that the housing account has not got enough attention, new regulations were made in the Torba Draft. First; 20 percent of the state contribution rate is 25 percent, the state contribution is raised from 15 thousand to 20 thousand liras. In addition, housing discounts are made for the houses to be purchased with the title deed. Above all, when Torba Draft is enacted, the housing account will go out of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy and go to the management of the Undersecretariat of Treasury. The contribution to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy will be put into the budget of the Undersecretariat of Treasury and the implementation will be carried out entirely by the Treasury.

So why is the housing account taken from the Ministry of Family and bound to the Treasury? I did some research. Arranging the bag design is just the beginning. What is needed is to make it easier for residents to have housing by associating the housing account with housing loans. I will explain more clearly. Those who open accounts in the bank; if they fulfill the conditions required by the application of the housing account, such as long stay in the system and making payments on time, they will be homeowners with lower interest rates. The more money the money accumulates and the longer it accumulates, the less the interest will be reduced. This system will also be discussed by the Treasury and the banks.

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