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 Home    The Values Of The Buildings In The Bosphorus Are 610 Billion Liras

According to the calculation carried out by the Turkish data processing center, the total area of the real estate market in the coastal zone of the Bosporus Strait is about 53 million 255 thousand square meters of housing, which is estimated by market experts for more than 600 billion Turkish liras.


The average cost of one square meter of housing is 9 500 thousand liras. But at the same time, experts of the center note that there is a difference in real estate prices on the European and Anatolian sides of the Bosphorus Strait. These differences are explained by the structure of buildings and the location of buildings. It is reported that the total area of real estate offered for sale in the real estate market is about 24 million square meters on the Anatolian side and more than 30 million on the European side. The average prices per square meter on the Anatolian side are 7,500 thousand lire, on the European coast the price exceeds 10 thousand liras.

According to the report of the data processing center, the average price per square meter of housing is in Beshiktash 16 500, in Sariyer 13 500, in Beykoz 9 thousand and in Uskudar 8 500 liras. While the highest prices for housing are observed in the districts of Vanikoy, Bebek, Beylerbeyi, Rumelihisari, Yenikoy, Ortakoy, Pinar, Mirgun and İstene. In the houses located on the first coastline of the Bosphorus the price per square meter reaches 100 thousand liras.

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