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 Home    The Regıons That Stand Out In Offıce Rents In Istanbul

With changes in business life, innovations brought about by modern life, people’s lifestyles, business processes and expectations are also changing.

Demands for offices with all kinds of comfort are increasing. Twenty years ago, companies operating in business centers or apartment complexes prefered modem offices with well-structured infrastructure, now called smart offices.

Istanbul, which has become an office base for international companies, will reach five million square meters at the end of the year, reaching four million square meters of office space. In parallel with the increase in the number of offices in Istanbul, competition is increasing.


General Manager of TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Makbule Yönel Maya says that the Levent-Maslak line in Istanbul continues to be an office prestige zone. Stating that international companies and large domestic companies prefer Levent-Maslak line, Maya emphasizes that the fiya-sensitive companies are heading for secondary zones such as Kagithane.


In the past, uniform offices are now being divided into different locations according to their location and technical equipment. Office investors compete by following the changing trends today when the projects are classified with Class A, Class B, Class C and Trophy office. In recent years, there has been an increase in interest in open offices in the world and in Turkey, and individual work areas are shrinking. As a result, the interaction of people in socialized offices increases and the decision-making processes are also affected positively.


In terms of office leasing Levent stands out with an average price of 35.5 dollars / sqm, followed by Maslak with 32 dollars / sqm and Besiktas-Sisli with 29 dollars / sqm. Factors such as distance to city center, number of bank branches, distance to main transportation routes, distance to airports, population density of the county, number of university graduates affect office rents and investment success. According to these criteria, Beşiktaş, Ümraniye, Şişli, Kadıköy and Bakırköy stand out.

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