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 Home    The Reduction In The Fees For Title Deeds, The Sector Gained Motion

Real Estate Adviser Evrim Kirmizitas Basaran stated that the discount made for the title deed will act on undecided and pending investors in the purchase of housing.


Basaran, ” Stamp tax reset, title deed discount is expected to be long, the sector will be life water regulation. This arrangement deals directly with the buyer; Will take action by motivating investors who are willing to buy housing but are hesitant and hesitant. Although prices are not very influential, a reduction in the cost of housing buyers will encourage purchasing. This both through the real estate sector “.

Both the home receivables and real estate companies curiously waiting for the title depute fell into the circuit. With the Decree of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette yesterday, the title deed received at 20 percent by now was reduced to 15 per cent for housing and workplaces by 30 September.

This year many arrangements were made for the construction sector. First of all, it was announced that foreigners who bought a house from Turkey would be granted citizenship for the increase of sales of foreigners, and foreigners were exempted from VAT. Then the VAT discount, which was 10 percent for the domestic buyer, was made and the stamp tax, which was about 1 percent, was reset. Finally, the fees for title deeds fell. Representatives of the real estate sector also mobilized campaigns under the leadership of Real Estate Housing REIT, extended the pledge and lowered the interest rates. With the effect of all these steps, real estate sales are expected to record sales this year. Reminding that last year’s record was broken with 1.3 million sales, sector representatives target 1.5 million this year.

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